Business Operations

【Smartphone game production operations】

As a first-rate smartphone game producer, we maintain a small staff of highly select creators dedicated to continuing to generate games in rapid succession with an uncompromising approach to quality.

Kingdom Ran: Road to Unification
Downloads available now
Downloads available now,
generating rave reviews

【Other previous game apps】

Smartphone games developed in the past

Sangokuden Brave Battle Warriors

Magnus Ignis

Sengoku Card Battle REKI-DAMA

Odekake Silk Road

Dragon Hunters

Online distribution service has ended

【Consulting operations】

Taking advantage of our accumulated game production know-how, we provide a wide range of hands-on, highly practical business consulting services. We have no hesitation in sharing with our clients all of the knowledge and experience behind our success so that we can lead our clients to success of their own. The scope of our consulting services naturally includes game production, but also ranges as far afield as the manufacturing and food & beverage industries. We can even help indirect departments involved in personnel & labor, finance, and other areas.

【Video, image production operations】

We produce images and video for all kinds of media. Whether it's live action, with or without CG, we provide clients with images and video of the highest quality.