Deluxe Games Inc. CSR

At Deluxe Games, we adhere to a business philosophy of making people happy through games. By taking on numerous projects that people find exciting, our aim is to be a company that makes a positive contribution to society overall. In pursuit of that wish, we will work to find solutions to societal issues in keeping with the Deluxe Games Basic CSR Policy.

Basic CSR Policy

As we contribute to society in ways appropriate to our role as a company that provides users with sensations of excitement, thrills and exhilaration, we build deep relationships with local communities as part of our goal of sustainable growth.

CSR efforts

In coordination with the broader community amid population decline, we are engaging in long-term efforts through which we can contribute to sustainable societal development. These activities include support for children’s dining facilities and programs to support youth in becoming full-fledged adult members of society.

Through the former, our aim is to help resolve the societal issue of single-parent households. The latter efforts involve assisting unemployed youth in achieving full participation in society through the establishment of facilities and organizations that provide counseling hotlines, as well as educational and leadership programs. In this way, we are actively helping solve problems that have proven difficult to address through administrative policy alone.

CSR results

Yoga Children’s Dining Hall, Shinjuku Children’s Dining Hall, Yotsuya Children’s Dining Hall, Nishishinjuku Children’s Dining Hall and Niko-niko Children’s Dining Hall

CostSupply of meal ingredients
DescriptionDining hall management costs

Shinjuku Children’s Dining Hall

Ota Children’s Dining Hall

Yoga Children’s Dining Hall

Programs operated by the NPO Samurai Gakuen Schola Imagine to help unemployed youth (i.e., not in education, employment or training / NEET) return to full societal participation (

Cost¥12 million financial donation, supply of meal ingredients
DescriptionSchool/accommodation/dining hall operational costs

Ueda campus

Okinawa campus