Privacy Policy


Deluxe Games Inc. (hereinafter DXG) complies with laws and regulations related to the protection of personal information.

■ Purpose for using personal information

When DXG is provided with personal information by a customer, the purpose for collecting that information will be made clear, and it will be used only within the scope of that purpose.

■ Prohibition on disclosure of personal information to or sharing with third parties

Unless stipulated by laws or regulations, in principle, DXG will not provide or share personal information to any third party without prior agreement of the persons concerned.

■ Legal compliance

DXG strictly complies with the laws, regulations and national guidelines and other rules concerning personal information.

■ Appropriate management of personal information

DXG stores and safely manages the personal information it obtains using strict and effective management capabilities. DXG establishes, maintains and updates appropriate peventive means and security measures to guard against improper access, loss, destruction, falsification or leakage of personal information.

■ Continual improvement

DXG diligently makes ongoing efforts to revise and improve its efforts and capabilities related to the protection of personal information.

■ Viewing, revising and deleting personal information

If DXG receives a request for the disclosure of customers' personal information, it will only be disclosed in compliance with laws and regulations, and only upon confirmation that it pertains to the parties concerned or their proxies.